Monday, December 8, 2008

Journal of Eye Movement Research: Special issue on eye tracking now online.

The special issue on "Eye Tracking and Usability Research" in the Journal of Eye Movement Research is now online. It features the following articles:
  • Helmert, J. R., Pannasch, S. & Velichkovsky, B. M. (2008). Eye tracking and Usability Research: an introduction to the special issue (editorial). Download as PDF.

  • Castellini, C. (2008). Gaze Tracking in Semi-Autonomous Grasping. Download as PDF

  • Helmert, J. R., Pannasch, S. & Velichkovsky, B. M. (2008). Influences of dwell time and cursor control on the performance in gaze driven typing. Download as PDF.

  • Huckauf, A. & Urbina, M. H. (2008). On object selection in gaze controlled environments. Download as PDF.

  • Hyrskykari, A. & Ovaska, S., Majaranta, P., Räihä, K.-J. & Lehtinen, M. (2008). Gaze Path Stimulation in Retrospective Think-Aloud. Download as PDF.

  • Pannasch, S., Helmert, J.R., Malischke, S., Storch, A. & Velichkovsky, B.M. (2008). Eye typing in application: A comparison of two systems with ALS patients. Download as PDF.

  • Zambarbieri, D., Carniglia, E. & Robino, C. (2008). Eye Tracking Analysis in Reading Online Newspapers. Download as PDF.