Monday, November 14, 2011

EyeDrone - Eye gaze controlled navigation

Demonstration for eye-gaze controlled navigation. The goal was to move the the point of gaze to the center of the screen, simply put "where you look is where it goes". This is the popular AR.Drone quadricopter controlled with this policy using an EyeLink 2000 eye-tracker. The drone pivots left and right when the operator looks into those directions. It tilts up and down (making it fly backwards and forwards) when the operator looks up or down. EyeDrone was implemented by Lucas C Parra in C++ with much help from Michael Quintian. The chin rest here is not really needed as the basic control algorithm is inherently stable and miscalibrations are of little concern. 

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Low Cost Eye Tracking for Commercial Gaming: eyeAsteroids and eyeShoot in the Dark!

Latest update from Stephen Vickers and Howell Istance at the Centre for Computational Intelligence, De Montfort University who have been doing research and development of gaze-based gaming for several years now. Their latest project has been shortlisted in the consumer category of The Enginner Awards 2011. Congratulations on an awesome job!

"Using your eyes and where you are looking to interact with computer games represents an exciting new direction that game play can take, following the success of whole body interaction enabled by the Kinect and the Wii. The Innovation Fellowship has supported the development and demonstration of a low-cost eye tracker by De Montfort University, in collaboration with Sleepy Dog, the East Midlands games company that produced the Buzz-it controller and games. The low-cost eye tracker utilised the ITU Gazetracking library and was produced as a fully working pre-production prototype. In the project, three different games were produced to demonstrate different ways in which eye gaze can be used to make game play more immersive and exciting.

This video demostrates two of them.
  • eyeAsteroids The ship flies towards where you are looking and the space bar is used to fire.
  • eyeShoot in the Dark! The torch shines at where you are looking and the mouse is used to move the cross-hair and fire.