Monday, November 23, 2009

ITU GazeTracker in the wild

Came across these two Youtube videos from students out there using the ITU GazeTracker in their HCI projects. By now the software has been downloaded 3000 times and the forum has seen close to three hundred posts. It's been a good start, better yet, a new version is in the makings. It offers a complete network API for third party applications, improved tracking performance, better camera control and a number of bugfixes (thanks for your feedback). It will be released when it's ready.

Thanks for posting the videos!


Anonymous said...

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Technophilis said...

Thank You for posting my video (the 3rd one). I've actually used ITU GazeTracker to be able to rely on the webcam instead of an expensive Eye Tracker. So, in order to demonstrate how useful a webcam can be, I used ITU to manipulate I-Gaze (an application we developed at our lab) which appears in the second part of the video.