Monday, September 15, 2008

TeleGaze (Hemin, 2008)

"This research investigates the use of eye-gaze tracking in controlling the navigation of mobile robots remotely through a purpose built interface that is called TeleGaze. Controlling mobile robots from a remote location requires the user to continuously monitor the status of the robot through some sort of feedback system. Assuming that a vision-based feedback system is used such as video cameras mounted onboard the robot; this requires the eyes of the user to be engaged in the monitoring process throughout the whole duration of the operation. Meanwhile, the hands of the user need to be engaged, either partially or fully, in the driving task using any input devices. Therefore, the aim of this research is to build a vision based interface that enables the user to monitor as well as control the navigation of the robot using only his/her eyes as inputs to the system since the eyes are engaged in performing some tasks anyway. This will free the hands of the user for other tasks while controlling the navigation is done through the TeleGaze interface. "

TeleGaze experimental platform consists of a mobile robot, an eye gaze tracking equipment and a teleoperation station that the user interacts with. The TeleGaze interface runs on the teleoperation station PC and interprets inputs from the eyes into controlling commands. Meanwhile, presenting the user with the images that come back from the vision system mounted on the robotic platform.

More information at Hemin Sh. Omers website.

Associated publications:
  • Hemin Omer Latif, Nasser Sherkat and Ahmad Lotfi, "TeleGaze: Teleoperation through Eye Gaze", 7th IEEE International Conference on Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2008, London, UK. Conference website:
  • Hemin Omaer Latif, Nasser Sherkat and Ahmad Lotfi, "Remote Control of Mobile Robots through Human Eye Gaze: The Design and Evaluation of an Interface", SPIE Europe Security and Defence 2008, Cardiff, UK. Conference website:

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