Friday, November 21, 2008

Eye movement control of remote robot

Yesterday we demonstrated our gaze navigated robot at the Microsoft Robotics event here at ITU Copenhagen. The "robot" transmits a video which is displayed on a client computer. By using an eye tracker we can direct the robot towards where the user is looking. The concept allows for a human-machine interaction with a direct mapping of the users intention. The Danish National TV (DR) came by today and recorded a demonstration. It will be shown tonight at the nine o´ clock news. Below is a video that John Paulin Hansen recorded yesterday which demonstrates the system. Please notice that the frame-rate of the video stream was well below average at the time of recording. It worked better today. In the coming week we'll look into alternative solutions (suggestions appreciated) The projects has been carried out in collaboration with Alexandre Alapetite from DTU. His low-cost, LEGO-based rapid mobile robot prototype, gives interesting possibilities to test some human-computer and human-robot interaction.

The virgin tour around the ITU office corridor (on YouTube)

Available on YouTube

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James Breeze said...

Nice one Martin! Congrats