Monday, February 16, 2009

ID-U Biometrics: Eye movement based access control

Daphna Palti-Wasserman and Yoram Wasserman at ID-U Biometrics have developed a system which provides secure signatures to access control based on individual eye movement patterns. The subject’s response to a dynamic stimuli provides an unique characteristics. As the stimuli will change the subjects’ responses will be different each time but the pattern of eye movements and the users eye characteristics will remains the same. This results in a "code" which is not entered and not consciously controlled by the user which reduces issues of spoofing. Currently its in a proof-of-concept state, achieving a 100% accurate and stable eye tracking method which would be required for identification has yet to be achieved (by any eye tracking platform that is) However, this method of user identification could be applied in other situations than the ATM (I guess that's why they won the GLOBES start-up competition)


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Buckeyebrit said...

Really interesting stuff Martin, wondered whether you would be interested in networking and discussion for EAT services, users and other stakeholders