Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Medical Image Perception Society 2009 - Day two

Session 6. Performance Measurement II. Chair: Matthew Freedman, MD, MBA
  • Coding of FDG Intensity as a 3-D Rendered Height Mapping to Improve Fusion Display of Co-Registered PET-CT Images. RM Shah, C Wood, YP Hu, & LS Zuckier
  • Estimation of AUC from Normally Distributed Rating Data with Known Variance Ratio. A Wunderlich & F Noo
  • Using the Mean-to-Variance Ratio as a Diagnostic for Unacceptably Improper Binormal ROC Curves. SL Hillis & KS Berbaum
Session 7. Performance Measurement II. Chair: Stephen Hillis, PhD
  • BI-RADS Data Should Not be Used to Estimate ROC Curves. Y Jiang & CE Metz

  • Estimating the utility of screening mammography in large clinical studies. CK Abbey, JM Boone, & MP Eckstein

  • Issues Related to the Definition of Image Contrast, DL Leong & PC Brennan
Session 8. Models of Perceptual processing. Chair: Yulei Jiang, PhD
  • Channelized Hotelling Observers for Detection Tasks in Multi-Slice Images. L Platiša, B Goossens, E Vansteenkiste, A Badano & W Philips

  • Channelized Hotelling observers adapted to irregular signals in breast tomosynthesis detection tasks. I Diaz, P Timberg, CK Abbey, MP Eckstein, FR Verdun, C Castella, FO Bochud

  • Detecting Compression Artifacts in Virtual Pathology Images Using a Visual Discrimination Model. J Johnson & EA Krupinski

  • Automatic MRI Acquisition Parameters Optimization Using HVS-Based Maps. J Jacobsen, P Irarrázabal, & C Tejos

  • Parametric Assessment of Lesion Detection Using a Pre-whitened Matched Filter on Projected Breast CT Images. N Packard, CK Abbey, & JM Boone

  • Model Observers for Complex Discrimination Tasks: Deployment Assessment of Multiple Coronary Stents. S Zhang, CK Abbey, X Da, JS Whiting, & MP Eckstein
Session 9. Special Invited Session on Neuroscience and Medical Image Perception. Chair: Miguel Eckstein, PhD
  • Decoding Information Processing When Attention Fails: An Electrophysiological Approach. B Giesbrecht
  • Some Neural Bases of Radiological Expertise. SA Engel

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