Friday, January 8, 2010

Mobile Dias Eye Tracker

Remember the Dias Eyetracker that I wrote about last May? Today Diako Mardanbeigi, from Tehran in Iran, presents a new version of the Dias eye tracker that is low-cost, wireless and fully mobile. I'll let the video demonstration below speak for itself. Rumor has it that Dias has been in contact with the ITU GazeGroup for a potential continuation of his research. Time will tell.

"This is a low cost mobile eye tracker with a wireless and Light weight head mounted hardware. This system gathers eye movements and estimates the point of gaze during the performance of daily tasks. It can let you to assess the visual behavior of the person online and in real-time when he is doing a specific task. A mobile eye tracker has a wide variety of applications in several fields such as human factors, market research, consumer shopping behavior, sports, driving, reading, safety & training. "

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