Thursday, March 18, 2010

GM Automotive heads-up display

General Motors today presents a new automotive heads up display system that has been developed in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon and the University of Southern California. It employs a number of sensors that coupled with object and pattern recognition could assist the driver by projecting information directly onto the windshield. For example the system could assist in navigation by highlighting road signs and emphasis the lanes/edges of the road in difficult driving conditions (rain, snow, fog). Inside the car the system uses an eye tracking solution provided by Swedish firm Smart Eye. Their Smart Eye Pro 5.4 employs several cameras (three in the demonstration, max 6) and infrared illumination to provide 6 degrees of freedom head tracking and 2D eye tracking, both with a (reported) 0.5 degree accuracy. The firm reports that the system provides "immunity to difficult light conditions, including darkness and rapidly varying sunlight" however to what extent this is true for direct facial sunlight remains to be seen. However, over time technical issues are to be overcome, its exciting to see that eye tracking is considered for everyday applications (in a not so distant future). They are not the only ones working on this right now.

GM Media "GM Reimagines Head-Up Display Technology" "GM shows off sensor-laden windshield, new heads-up display prototype"
TG Daily "GM develops HUD system for vehicle windshields"

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