Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gaze interaction hits mainstream news

The New Scientist technology section posted an article on the Stephen Vickers work at De Montford University for the eye controlled version of World of Warcraft which I wrote about two months ago (see post)
Update: The New Scientist post caused rather extensive discussions on Slashdot, with more than
140 entries.

Great to see mainstream interest of gaze driven interaction. Gaming is truly one area where there is a huge potential, but it also depends on more accessible eye trackers. There is a movement for open source based eye tracking but the robustness for everyday usage is still remains at large. The system Stephen Vickers have developed is using the Tobii X120 eye tracker which is clearly out of range for all but the small group of users whom are granted financial support for their much needed assistive technology.

Have faith
In general, all new technology initially comes at a high cost due to intensive research and development but over time becomes accessible for the larger population. As an example, not many could imagine that satellite GPS navigation would be commonplace and really cheap a decade or two ago. Today mass-collaboration on the net is really happening making the rate of technology development exponential. Make sure to watch Google Techtalk Don Tapscott on Wikinomics.

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