Sunday, May 11, 2008

Inspiration: Gaze controlled web browser

Craig Hennesy a Ph.D candidate at the Electrical and Computer Engineering dept. at University of British Columbia have done some work on gaze interaction. This includes the use of gaze position to scroll documents as the reader approaches the bottom of the window. This is used in other applications as well (really useful feature).

I´m currently working on my own implementation which will provide this functionality for a wide range of documents (web, pdf, word etc.) in combination with some new approaches on navigating the web using gaze alone.

"This video illustrates the use of eye-gaze tracking integrated with web browsing. The goal of this application is to reduce the use of the mouse when reading by removing the need to scroll up or down with the mouse. The simple scrolling application allows you to scroll down by looking below the article, scroll up by looking above the article, and go Back and Forward in the browser by looking to the left and right respectively.

In this demo the eye is tied to the mouse cursor so you can see where the user is looking, in the real application the motion of the eye stays behind the scenes and the mouse functions as a normal computer mouse."

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