Sunday, July 6, 2008

Realtime computer interaction via eye tracking (Dubey, 2004)

Premnath Dubey conducted research on eye tracking and gaze interaction for his masters thesis in 2004 at the Department of Computing at Curtin University in Australia.

"This thesis presents a computer vision-based eye tracking system for human computer interaction. The eye tracking system allows the user to indicate a region of interest in a large data space and to magnify that area, without using traditional pointer devices. Presented is an iris tracking algorithm adapted from Camshift; an algorithm originally designed for face or hand tracking. Although the iris is much smaller and highly dynamic. the modified Camshift algorithm efficiently tracks the iris in real-time. Also presented is a method to map the iris centroid, in video coordinates to screen coordinates; and two novel calibration techniques, four point and one-point calibration. Results presented show that the accuracy for the proposed one-point calibration technique exceeds the accuracy obtained from calibrating with four points. The innovation behind the one-point calibration comes from using observed eye scanning behaviour to constrain the calibration process. Lastly, the thesis proposes a non-linear visualisation as an eye-tracking application, along with an implementation."

Download paper as PDF.

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Rohan said...

Hi , i would like to read this thesis , th e link is not working , do you have the thesis with you? could you send it to my mail id please, i will be real grateful