Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hot Zone prototype (Wakaruru)

The following video demonstrates a prototype of the Hot Zone system for controling windows applications. Call out the Hot Zone are made by pressing a single Hotkey and blink. The menu can be closed by looking outside the zone and blinking. Submitted to YouTube by "Wakaruru"

Submitted to YouTube by "Wakaruru"

The second video demonstrates how Hot Zone could be used to work with real world applications (PowerPoint). The center of the zone is located at the current gaze position when it's call out (like a context menu). the commands in the five zones depend on current selected object (based on what you are looking at now). No mouse needed (the cursor was designated as the gaze position using API). Pure blink without hotkey pressed was designated as single mouse click. Thus blink on the text area start text editing. Keyboard is only used for typing and hotkey to call out the zone. The eye tracking device used is ASL EH6000.

Submitted to YouTube by "Wakaruru"

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