Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lund Eye Tracking Acadamy

From the Lund Eye Tracking Academy (LETA) comes an excellent text on the more practical aspects of eye tracking in research settings.

"This text is about how to record good quality eye-tracking data from commercially available video-oculographic eye-tracking system, and how to derive and use the measures that an eye-tracker can give. The ambition is to cover as many as possible of the measures used in science and applied research. The need for a guide on how to use eye-tracking data has grown during the past years, as an effect of increasing interest in eye-tracking research. Due to the versatility of new measurement techniques and the important role of human vision in all walks of life, eye-tracking is now used in reading research, neurology, advertisement studies, psycholinguistics, human factors, usability studies, scene perception, and many other fields "

Download the document (PDF, 93 pages, 19Mb)

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