Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open Source Eye Tracking

Zafer Savas is an electronics engineer living in Ankara in Turkey who has released an eye tracker implemented in C++ using the OpenCV library. The project is well documented and enables crude DIY eye tracking within minutes, hence it is a good starting point. It contains a sample database of eye images used to train the algorithm, the program has a function to capture images so that users can build their own database. Great!

Download the executable as well as the source code. See the extensive documentation.

You will also need to download the OpenCV library.

"The purpose of the project is to implement a real-time eye-feature tracker with the following capabilities:

  • RealTime face tracking with scale and rotation invariance
  • Tracking the eye areas individually
  • Tracking eye features
  • Eye gaze direction finding
  • Remote controlling using eye movements

The implemented project is on three components:

  1. Face detection: Performs scale invariant face detection
  2. Eye detection: Both eyes are detected as a result of this step
  3. Eye feature extraction: Features of eyes are extracted at the end of this step

Two different methods for face detection were implemented in the project:

  1. Continuously Adaptive Means-Shift Algorithm
  2. Haar Face Detection method

Two different methods of eye tracking were implemented in the project:

  1. Template-Matching
  2. Adaptive EigenEye Method

schematics for the procedure/algorithms

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