Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lund Eye-Tracking Academy (LETA)

Kenneth Holmqvist and his team at the Humanities Lab at Lund University, Sweden will host another three day long LETA training course in eye tracking and analysis of eye movement data. This is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience using state-of-the art equipment and setting up experiments. The course is held between 23rd-25th September and the registration is open.

Course contents
• Pro and cons of headmounted, remote and contact eye-trackers.
• High sampling speed and detailed precision – who needs it?
• Gaze-overlaid videos vs datafiles – what can you do with them?
• How to set up and calibrate on a variety of subjects on different eye-trackers?
• Glasses, lenses, mascara, and drooping eye-lids – what to do?
• How to work with stimulus programs, and synchronize them with eye-tracking recording?
• How to deal with the consent forms and ethical issues?
• Short introduction to experimental design: Potentials and pitfalls.
• Visualisation of data vs number crunching.
• Fast data analysis of multi-user experiments.
• Fixation durations, saccadic amplitudes, transition diagrams, group similarity measures, and all the other measures – what do they tell us? What are the pitfalls?

Teaching methods
Lectures on selected topics (8h)
Hands-on work in our lab on prespecified experiments: Receiving and recording on a subject (9h). Handson initial data analysis (3h).

Eye-tracking systems available for this training
2*SMI HED 50 Hz with Polhemus Head-tracking
3*SMI HiSpeed 240/1250 Hz
1*SMI RED-X remote 50 Hz
2*SMI HED-mobile 50/200 Hz

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