Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Psychnology Journal: Gaze control for work and play

"PsychNology Journal (ISSN 1720-7525) is a quadrimestral, international, peer-reviewed journal on the relationship between humans and technology. The name 'PsychNology' emphasizes its multidisciplinary interest in all issues related to the human adoption and development of technologies. Its broad scope allows to host in a sole venue advances and ideas that would otherwise remain confined within separate communities or disciplines. PNJ is an independent, electronic publication that leaves the copyright to authors, and provides wide accessibility to their papers through the Internet and several indexing and abstracting services including PsycInfo and EBSCO."

The Psychnology Journal Special edition on Gaze control for work and play is now available online. It contains some of the highlights from the Cogain conference last year in an extended journal format. For the COGAIN people this is old news, for the rest it's hopefully interesting stuff. The NeoVisus prototype I presented in Prague should have appeared but unfortunately did not have the time to make the necessary changes. More information on the scrollable keyboard and text entry by gaze in general is available in Päivi's excellent Ph.D thesis. Also, rumor has it that Javier San Agustin's Ph.D thesis gaze interaction and a low-cost alternative is getting closer to D-day. We're all looking forward to it, hang in there mate =)

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