Thursday, October 8, 2009

DoCoMo EOG update

While eye movement detection using EOG is nothing new the latest demonstration by Japanese NTT DoCoMo illustrates recent developments in the field. The innovation here is the form factor which is quite impressive. Typically EOG is detected using electrodes placed around the eyes as in Andreas Bullings prototype demonstrated at CHI 09 in Boston. Now it can be done using tiny sensors inside the ear. Just compare it to the prototype demonstrated last year!

Thanks Roman for the links!


Andreas Bulling said...

Earphone sensors are an interesting idea towards more unobtrusive wearable EOG measurements. It has to be noted, though, that the technology so far seems to be limited to recording horizontal eye movements. The particular selection of eye gestures to control the music player shown in the video suggests this finding.

Unknown said...

Hi Andreas,

Good point, didn't notice that from the video but it seems to be a clear limitation with the technology