Monday, April 26, 2010

Freie Universität Berlin presents gaze controlled car

From the Freie Universität in Berlin comes a working prototype for a systems that allows direct steering by eye movements alone. The prototype was demonstrated in front of a large group journalist at the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport. Gaze data from a head-mounted SMI eye tracker is feed into the control system of the Spirit of Berlin, a platform for autonomous navigation. Similar to the gaze controlled robot we presented at CHI09 the platform offers a coupling between the turning of the wheels and the gaze data coordinate space (eg. look left and car drives left). Essentially its a mapping onto a 2D plane where deviations from the center issues steering commands and the degree of turning is modulated by the distance. Potentially interesting when coupled with other sensors that in combination offers offer driver support, for example if an object in the vehicles path that driver has not seen. Not to mention scenarios including individuals with disabilities and/or machine learning. The work has been carried out under guidance by professor Raúl Rojas as part AutoNOMOS project which has been running since 2006 after inspiration from the Stanford autonomos car project.

More info in the press-release.

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