Monday, November 8, 2010

GazeCom and SMI demonstrates automotive guidance system

"In order to determine the effectiveness of gaze guidance, within the project, SMI developed an experimental driving simulator with integrated eye tracking technology.  A driving safety study in a city was set up and testing in that environment has shown that the number of accidents was significantly lower with gaze guidance than without, while most of the drivers didn’t consciously notice the guiding visual cues."
Christian Villwock, Director for Eye and Gaze Tracking Systems at SMI: “We have shown that visual performance can significantly be improved by gaze contingent gaze guidance. This introduces huge potential in applications where expert knowledge has to be transferred or safety is critical, for example for radiological image analysis.” 
Within the GazeCom project, funded by the EU within the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) program, the impact of gaze guidance on what is perceived and communicated effectively has been determined in a broad range of tasks of varying complexity. This included basic research in the understanding of visual perception and brain function up to the level where the guidance of gaze becomes feasible." (source)

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