Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SMI Releases iViewX 2.5

Today SensoMotoric Instruments released a new version of their iViewX software which offers a number of fixes and software improvements. Download here.

- NEW device: MEG 250
- RED5: improved tracking stability
- RED: improved pupil diameter calculation
- RED: improved distance measurement
- RED: improved 2 and 5 point calibration model
- file transfer server is installed with iView X now
- added configurable parallel port address

- RED5 camera drop outs in 60Hz mode on Clevo Laptop
- initializes LPT_IO and PIODIO on startup correctly
- RED standalone mode can be used with all calibration methods via remote commands
- lateral offset in RED5 head position visualization
- HED: Use TimeStamp in [ms] as Scene Video Overlay
- improved rejection parameters for NNL Devices
- crash when using ET_CAL in standalone mode
- strange behaviour with ET_REM and eT_REM. Look up in command list is now case-insensitive.
- RED5: Default speed is 60Hz for RED and 250Hz for RED250
- and many more small fixes and improvements

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