Sunday, August 24, 2008

GaCIT 2008. B. Velichovsky associated litterature

Experimental effects, e.g. distractor effect
  • Pannasch, S., Dornhoefer, S.M., Unema, P.J.A. & Velichkovsky, B.M. (2001). The omnipresent prolongation of visual fixations: saccades are inhibited by changes in situation and in subject's activity. Vision Research. 41(25-26), 3345-51. Download Full Article [PDF]
  • Velichkovsky, B.M., Dornhoefer, S.M. , Kopf, M., Helmert, J. & Joos, M. (2002). Change detection and occlusion modes in static and dynamic road-traffic scenarios. Transportation Research, Part F. 5(2), 99-109. Download Full Article [PDF]
Ambient vs. Focal
  • Velichkovsky, B.M., Rothert, A., Kopf, M., Dornhoefer, S.M. & Joos, M. (2002). Towards an express diagnostics for level of processing and hazard perception. Transportation Research, Part F. 5(2), 145-156. Download Full Article [PDF]
  • Unema, P., Pannasch, S., Joos, M. & Velichkovsky, B.M. (2005). Time-course of information processing during scene perception: The relationship between saccade amplitude and fixation duration. Visual Cognition, 12(3), 473-494. Download Full Article [PDF]
  • Velichkovsky, B.M., Joos, M., Helmert, J.R., & Pannasch, S. (2005). Two visual systems and their eye movements: evidence from static and dynamic scene perception. CogSci 2005: Proceedings of the XXVII Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. July 21-23 Stresa, Italy, pp. 2283-2288. Download Full Article [PDF]
Levels of processing
  • Velichkovsky, B.M. (2005). Modularity of cognitive organization: Why it is so appealing and why it is wrong. In W. Callebaut & D. Rasskin-Gutman (Eds.), Modularity: Understanding the development and evolution of natural complex systems. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Graupner, S. T., Velichkovsky, B. M., Pannasch, S., & Marx, J. (2007). Surprise, surprise: Two distinct components in the visually evoked distractor effect. Psychophysiology, 44(2), 251-261. Download Full Article [PDF]
  • Velichkovsky, B.M. (2007) Towards an Evolutionary Framework for Human Cognitive Neuroscience. Theoretical Biology, 2(1), 3-6. Download Full Article [PDF]
  • Velichkovsky,B.M. (2002). Heterarchy of cognition: The depths and the highs of a framework for memory research. Memory, 10(5/6), 405-419 (Special Issue on Levels-of-Processing-Approach).

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