Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mixed reality systems for technical maintenance and gaze-controlled interaction (Gustafsson et al)

To follow up on the wearable display with an integrated eye tracker one possible application is in the domain of mixed reality. This allows for interfaces to be projected on top of a video stream (ie. the "world view") Thus blending the physical and virtual world. The paper below investigates how this could be used to assist technical maintenance of advanced systems such as fighter jets. It´s an early prototype but the field is very promising especially when an eye tracker is involved.

"The purpose of this project is to build up knowledge about how future Mixed Reality (MR) systems should be designed concerning technical solutions, aspects of Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI) and logistics. The report describes the work performed in phase2. Regarding hardware a hand-held MR-unit, a wearable MR-system and a gaze-controlled MR-unit have been developed. The work regarding software has continued with the same software architecture and MR-tool as in the former phase 1. A number of improvements, extensions and minor changes have been conducted as well as a general update. The work also includes experiments with two test case applications, "Turn-Round af Gripen (JAS) and "Starting Up Diathermy Apparatus" Comprehensive literature searches and surveys of knowledge of HMI aspects have been conducted, especially regarding gaze-controlled interaction. The report also includes a brief overview of ohter projects withing the area of Mixed Reality."
  • Gustafsson, T., Carleberg, P., Svensson, P., Nilsson, S., Le Duc, M., Sivertun, Å., Mixed Reality Systems for Technical Maintenance and Gaze-Controlled Interaction. Progress Report Phase 2 to FMV., 2005. Download paper as PDF

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