Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nokia Research: Near Eye Display with integrated eye tracker

During my week in Tampere I had the opportunity to visit Nokia Research to get a hands on with a prototype that integrates a head mounted display with an eye tracker. Due to a NDA I am unable to reveal the contents of the discussion but it does work and it was a very neat experience with great potential. Would love to see a commercial application down the road. For more information there is a paper available:
Hands-On with the Nokia NED w/ integrated eye tracker

Paper abstract:
"Near-to-Eye Display (NED) offers a big screen experience to the user anywhere, anytime. It provides a way to perceive a larger image than the physical device itself is. Commercially available NEDs tend to be quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear. However, by using very thin plastic light guides with diffractive structures on the surfaces, many of the known deficiencies can be notably reduced. These Exit Pupil Expander (EPE) light guides enable a thin, light, user friendly and high performing see-through NED, which we have demonstrated. To be able to interact with the displayed UI efficiently, we have also integrated a video-based gaze tracker into the NED. The narrow light beam of an infrared light source is divided and expanded inside the same EPEs to produce wide collimated beams out from the EPE towards the eyes. Miniature video camera images the cornea and eye gaze direction is accurately calculated by locating the pupil and the glints of the infrared beams. After a simple and robust per-user calibration, the data from the highly integrated gaze tracker reflects the user focus point in the displayed image which can be used as an input device for the NED system. Realizable applications go from eye typing to playing games, and far beyond."

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Tim said...

Can we talk? Here's what we currently market - - I've always wanted to make an eyetracking version. Cheers - T