Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alea Technologies

The German firm Alea Technologies offers a solution called IntelliGaze consisting of a remote based eye tracking system as well as a software suite. The system is designed to be a flexible solution in terms of both hardware and software. The eye tracker is stand-alone and can be used to create a customizable setup when it is combined with a various displays. Additionally, they provide API´s for application developments.

A clear usage for their technology is users with disabilities such as ALS. The software contains a "desktop" system which acts as a launcher for other applications (Windows natives, Grid, Cogain). In general, they seem to target Tobii Technologies who have been very successful with their MyTobii application running on the P10 eye tracker. The game is on.

"The ease of setup and intuitive operation bring a completely new degree of freedom to patients who had to rely on older technologies like manual scanning or cumbersome pointing devices. By using the latest camera technology and very sophisticated image processing and calibration methods, the IG-30 system is far superior to alternative gaze input systems at a similar price point. The modular structure of the system allows the patients with a degenerative disease the continued use of their touch-screen or scanning software package. Using existing computers and monitors, the IG-30 system can also be easily integrated into an existing PC setup. The economic pricing of the IntelliGazeTM systems opens this high-tech solution to a much wider range of users."

Tracking technology
Hybrid infrared video eye- & head-tracking Binocular & monocular tracking
Working Volume
centered at 600 mm distance
300 x 200 x 200 mm3 [WxHxD]
Accuracy , static 0.5°, typical
Accuracy , over full working volume 1°, typical
Sampling Rate 50 Hz
Max. head-movement velocity 15 cm/s
Recovery-time after tracking loss
(head was too fast or moved out of range)
40 ms
System Dimensions ca. 300 x 45 x 80 mm3 [WxHxD]
Mounting Options on monitor via VESA-adapter
on Tablet-PC via customized interfaces
System Weight ca. 1,2 kg.

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