Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gaze Interaction Demo (Powerwall@Konstanz Uni.)

During the last few years quite a few wall sized displays have been used for novel interaction methods. Not seldomly these have been used with multi-touch, such as the Jeff Han´s FTIR technology. This is the first demonstration I have seen where eye tracking is used for a similar purpose. A German Ph.D candidate, Jo Bieg, is working on this out of the HCI department at the University of Konstanz. The Powerwall is 5.20 x 2.15M and has a resolution of 4640 x 1920.

The demonstration can be view at a better quality (10Mb)

Also make sure to check out the 360 deg. Globorama display demonstration. It does not use eye tracking for interaction but a laser pointer. Nevertheless, really cool immersive experience, especially the Google Earth zoom in to 360 panoramas.

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