Monday, April 28, 2008

SWAET Conference

The first day of the SWAET 2008 conference at Lund University was filled with interesting presentations and inspiring conversations. Finally I had a chance to meet some of the researchers that I´ve know mainly by their publications and last names.

From the schedule of day one three talks stand out in the field of gaze interaction. These are recorded on video with the intention of future online distribution. For now enjoy these papers.
The conference was attended by three manufacturers, SMI, SmartEye and Tobii which all had systems on display.

The SMI system demonstrated was brought up from the dark dungeons of the lab to host the prototype I have been working on for the last couple of months. In general, it was well received and served its purpose of a eye catching demonstration of my "next-gen" gaze interface. To sum up it was great to get out there to gather feedback confirming that I´m on the right track. (doubts sometimes rise when working solo) The day ended with a a lovely dinner at the university´s finest dining hall.

Big thank you goes out to Kenneth Holmqvist, Jana Holsanova, Philip Diderichsen, Nils Holmberg, Richard Andersson and Janna Spanne for hosting this event.

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