Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eye Tracking, Algorithms and Mathematical Modelling (Leimberg & Vester-Christensen, 2005)

Extensive and technical publication on eye tracking algorithms by D. Leimberg and M. Vester-Christensen at the Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling at the Technical University of Denmark. The thesis contains a range of approaches and discussion of the implementation of these. Rich with illustrations and examples of the result of various methods.

This thesis presents a complete system for eye tracking avoiding restrictions on head movements. A learning-based deformable model - Active Appearance Model (AAM) - is utilized for detection and tracking of the face. Several methods are proposed, described and tested for eye tracking, leading to determination of gaze. The {AAM} is used for a segmentation of the eye region, as well as providing an estimate of the pose of the head.

Among several, we propose a deformable template based eye tracker, combining high speed and accuracy, independently of the resolution. We compare with a state of the art active contour approach, showing that our method is more accurate. We conclude, that eye tracking using standard consumer cameras is feasible providing an accuracy within the measurable range." Download paper as pdf

Following up are two papers (also found at the end of the thesis)
  • M. Vester-Christensen, D. Leimberg, B. K. Ersbøll, L. K. Hansen, Deformable Models for Eye Tracking, Den 14. Danske Konference i Mønstergenkendelse og Billedanalyse, 2005 [full] [bibtex] [pdf]

  • D. Leimberg, M. Vester-Christensen, B. K. Ersbøll, L. K. Hansen, Heuristics for speeding up gaze estimation, Proc. Svenska Symposium i Bildanalys, SSBA 2005, Malmø, Sweden, SSBA, 2005 [full] [bibtex] [pdf]

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