Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day One - Introduction

Today I met up with Kenneth Holmqvist who is the laboratory director of the HumLab at Lund Universtity. Kenneth, who have a long experience in the field, held a course last semester in Eye Tracking Methodology in which I participated as a part of my Masters in Cognitive Science at Lund University

The HumLab, or Humanities Laboratory, is located in the new language and litterature center which was build just a few years ago. The facilities certainly are top-notch. Modern Scandinavian design, high quality materials and have a high technical standard (wireless internet access, access control, perfect climate and air)

The laboratory matches this standard by providing Lund University with advanced technical solutions and expertise. A range of studies takes place here. A perfect home for someone into cognitive sciences including psychology, linguistics and why not Human-Computer Interaction.

My background lies in software development which I previously studied at the Department of Informatics, where I completed a BA in Software Design/Construction. My interest in Cognitive Science and Human Computer Interaction was developed during an EAP exchange to University of California, San Diego in 2006-2007. The blend of Cognition and Neuroscience, understanding of the bits and bolts that enables our perception and behavior combined with novel interface technology and interaction methods is a extremely interesting field. Many thanks to the cog.sci. faculty at UCSD for inspiring classes (Hollan, Boyle, Sereno, Chiba)

Kenneth have pratical experience with a range of eye trackers, they do come in many shapes. (head mounted, high speed, remote) all of which are present in the HumLab. He demonstrated a brand new SMI IView RED remote system connected to a powerful Windows XP machine. This is the setup that I will develop a Gaze Interaction Interface on.

Day one was far from over, lets get started in another post..

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