Thursday, March 13, 2008

COGAIN 2008: Communication, Environment and Mobility Control by Gaze

This years COGAIN conference will be held in Prague, 2-3 September. Detailed information on paper submission, program, dates, venues etc can be found at

Themes this year are
  • Text entry by means of gaze
  • Gaze and environmental control
  • Gaze and personal mobility control
  • Direct interaction with gaze aware real world objects
  • User experience studies
  • Innovations in eyetracking systems
  • Low cost gaze tracking systems
  • Attentive interfaces and inferring user intent from gaze
  • Gaze-based interaction with virtual worlds
  • Gaze and creativity
  • Gaming using gaze as an input modality
  • Using gaze with other modalities including BCI

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