Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Medical Image Perception Society 2009 - Day three

Session 10. Displays and Tools. Chair: Kevin Berbaum, PhD
  • Objective methodology to compare clinical value of computed tomography artifact reduction algorithms. G Spalla, C Marchessoux, M Vaz, A Ricker, & T Kimpe
  • LCD Spatial Noise Suppression: Large-field vs. ROI Image Processing. WJ Dallas, H Roehrig, J Fan, EA Krupinski, & J Johnson
Session 11. Displays and Tools. Chair: Miguel Eckstein, PhD
  • Stereoscopic Digital mammography: Improved Accuracy of Lesion Detection in Breast Cancer Screening. DJ Getty, CJ D’Orsi, & RM Pickett
  • Detectability in tomosynthesis projections, slices and volumes: Comparison of human observer performance in a SKE detection task. I Reiser, K Little, & RM Nishikawa
Thanks Craig, Miguel and Elisabeth for a wonderful event, learned so much in just three days. Plenty of inspiration for future research.

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