Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abstracts from SWAET 2010

The booklet containing the abstracts for the Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking (SWAET) is now available for download, 55 pages about 1Mb. The abstracts spans a wide range from gaze interaction to behavior and perception. A short one page format makes it attractive to venture into a multitude of domains and acts as a nice little starting point for digging deeper. Shame I couldn't attend, maybe next year. Kudos for making this booklet available.

 Title Authors
 Eye movements during mental imagery are not perceptual re-enactments R. Johansson, J. Holsanova, K. Holmqvist
 Practice eliminates "looking at nothing" A. Scholz, K. Mehlhorn, J.F. Krems
 Learning Perceptual Skills for Medical Diagnosis via Eye Movement  Modeling Examples on Patient Video Cases H. Jarodzka, T. Balslev, K. Holmqvist, K. Scheiter, M. Nyström, P. Gerjets, B. Eika
 Objective, subjective, and commercial information: The impact of presentation format on the visual inspection and selection of Web search results Y. Kammerer, P. Gerjets
 Eye Movements and levels of attention: A stimulus driven approach F.B. Mulvey, K. Holmqvist, J.P Hansen
 Player‟s gaze in a collaborative Tetris game P Jermann, M-A Nüssli, W. Li
 Naming associated objects: Evidence for parallel processing L. Mortensen , A.S. Meyer
 Reading Text Messages - An Eye-Tracking Study on the Influence of Shortening Strategies on Reading Comprehension V. Heyer, H. Hopp
 Eye movement measures to study the online comprehension of long (illustrated) texts J. Hyönä, J.K, Kaakinen
 Self-directed Learning Skills in Air-traffic Control; A Cued Retrospective Reporting Study L.W. van Meeuwen, S. Brand-Gruwel, J.J. G. van Merriënboer, J. J.P.R. de Bock, P.A. Kirschner
 Drivers‟ characteristic sequences of eye and head movements in intersections A. Bjelkemyr, K. Smith
 Comparing the value of different cues when using the retrospective think aloud method in web usability testing with eye tracking A. Olsen
 Gaze behavior and instruction sensitivity of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders when viewing pictures of social scenes B. Rudsengen, F. Volden
 Impact of cognitive workload on gaze-including interaction S. Trösterer, J. Dzaack
 Interaction with mainstream interfaces using gaze alone H. Skovsgaard, J. P. Hansen, J.C. Mateo
 Stereoscopic Eye Movement Tracking: Challenges and Opportunities in 3D G. Öqvist Seimyr, A. Appelholm, H. Johansson R. Brautaset
 Sampling frequency – what speed do I need? R. Andersson, M. Nyström, K. Holmqvist
 Effect of head-distance on raw gaze velocity M-A Nüssli, P. Jermann
 Quantifying and modelling factors that influence calibration and data quality M. Nyström, R. Andersson,  J. van de Weijer

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