Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gaze Tracker 2.0 Preview

On my 32nd birthday I'd like to celebrate by sharing this video highlighting some of the features in the latest version of the GT2.0 that I've been working on with Javier San Agustin and the GT forum. Open source eye tracking have never looked better. Enjoy!

HD video available (click 360p and select 720p)


Bill Anderson said...

Congratulations on GT2.0 Martin. It looks very impressive. This is quite a big step - speed and low cost - fantastic!

Bill Anderson (Oculis Labs)

Martin Tall said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks! We've come a long way since v1.0 at CHI in 2009, still only getting started!

Eye Gaze Tracking said...

Great Job Martin!, I'm glad for you and Javier!
Keep it up!